Villa Karpacz


Villa Karpacz –P.H.U. Marzena Sałek with its registered office in Karpacz, at ul. M.Skłodowskiej-Curie 9A, registered in the register of the Central Register and Information on Economic Activity under the NIP number: 6111746183, REGON: 020394510, being a party to the contract of renting a room or apartment for a holiday or tourist stay with the Customer.

Customer – a natural or legal person who is a party to a contract for the temporary use of a dwelling (a contract for the rent of a room or apartment for rest or tourist stay) at the disposal of Villa Karpacz.

Room– a living room, described in detail in the offer on the Villa Karpacz website, which the Customer rents for a temporary stay for leisure or tourist purposes.

Apartment – residential premises, described in detail in the offer presented on the Villa Karpacz website, which the Customer rents for a temporary stay for leisure or tourist purposes.

§ 1 
General provisions

1. These general terms of use of the premises, hereinafter referred to as the Terms, regulate all the rules on which the rooms and apartments are rented, and they are fully binding.
2. Villa Karpacz declares that pursuant to its ownership right, it is entitled to provide services of temporary provision of Rooms and Apartment to Customers for short-term leisure or tourist stays.
3. Under the lease agreement, Villa Karpacz undertakes to prepare a Room or Apartment for the Customer and make it available in exchange for the agreed remuneration.
4. Villa Karpacz complies with the Code of Good Practice in the Hotel Industry (Hotelier's Code) of 2004.
5. Villa Karpacz also provides services associated with the short-term lease of Rooms and Apartments, such as: marketing, advertising, cleaning and supervision as well as information.

§ 2 

1. Before making a reservation and entering into a lease agreement, the Customer undertakes to read these Regulations. By making a reservation, you accept the Regulations.
2. Reservations can be made using the ICT system. In this case, it is prohibited for the Customer to provide illegal content.
3. The current catalog of rooms and apartments for short-term tourist rentals and their detailed description can be found at
4.The Customer can make a reservation of the Apartment in the following way:  
a.on-line, via the website, e-mail, via e-mail (e-mail address: phone at +48 790 511 811
5. To make an online reservation, the Customer should use an Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Opera browser.
6. After making a reservation of a Room or Apartment on-line or by e-mail, the customer will receive information about the current status of the submitted reservation, terms and conditions of payment, and finally confirmation of the reservation.
7. In the event of booking by telephone, the confirmation of booking will also be sent by telephone. Confirmation of booking by phone also means the conclusion of the contract on the conditions set out in the Regulations. 
8. If you make a reservation and do not confirm it within 24 hours of making it, the reservation will be canceled. 
9. Room and Apartment reservations can be made for a period of at least 2 days, which is also the minimum duration of the rental contract. 
10. Photos, equipment and amenities of the Apartments as well as the prices given on the website are for information, demonstration and advertising purposes only. The actual condition of the Apartment and the price of its rental are given in the form received after booking or by phone.

§ 3 
Service fee and payment terms

1. The amount of the fee for renting a Room or Apartment for a tourist stay is always given in the reservation system on the Villa Karpacz website, or by phone when making the reservation.
2. The fee indicated in the price offer on the website and in the booking form includes 8% tax on goods and services. 
3. The fee for renting a Room or Apartment includes:
- payment for preparing the room
-fee for staying in a Room or Apartment number of persons agreed in the contract

4. Additional fees and deposits indicated in the booking system may be added to the rental fee. 
5. The rental contract does not include additional cleaning, additional linen and towels, cot rental, and other additional services.
6. After making a reservation within 1 day (24 hours), the Customer is obliged to pay to the bank account of Villa Karpacz the advance payment indicated in the reservation form in the amount of 40% or 100% of the total amount of the reservation for renting a Room or Apartment, depending on the price plan chosen by the Customer. 
7. The amount of the deposit paid by the Customer is always counted towards the implementation of the future accommodation service, and is not refundable. 
8. If you choose the option of prepayment in the form of a deposit (40%), the remaining part of the total amount of the reservation may be paid by the Customer before arrival to Villa Karpacz's account, or on the spot on the day of check-in by payment card or cash. 
9. The discount resulting from making a reservation on the Villa Karpacz website is only granted if the total amount of the reservation is paid in advance when making a reservation on the Villa website, the discount does not apply when making a reservation with a prepayment (40%) and making reservations on external Booking websites. 
10. Payments can be made:  
- By bank transfer to account no. PL 14 1020 2124 0000 8502 0174 7484
- By card, ON-LINE transfer and other available payment methods available in the reservation system
- Personally at the facility by credit card or cash

§ 4 
Change and cancellation of the booking by the Customer

1. Changing the date of booking a room or apartment is possible within 2 days of making the reservation, after this time it is not possible to change the date. 
2. Cancellation of the stay is associated with the loss of all funds paid and the loss of unused benefits. 

§ 5 
Change and cancellation of reservation by Villa Karpacz

1. Changing the reservation by Villa Karpacz is possible only in case of force majeure preventing the fulfillment of the Villa Karpacz service. Force majeure means: natural disasters, the occupation of rooms or an apartment by any state authority for any purpose, strikes, wars and riots, and the deprivation of electricity, gas, heating energy or water by the supplier of the Room or Apartment.
2. In the event of the situation described in § 5 point 1 Villa Karpacz is obliged to offer the Customer another date or withdraw from the contract, returning the full prepayment to the Customer.
3. In exceptional situations (breakdown in a Room or Apartment or another random event), Villa Karpacz reserves the right to provide alternative premises with parameters and area similar to the reserved one in the same town. In the absence of the client's consent to the replacement premises, the contract is terminated, and Villa Karpacz is obliged to return the reservation fee paid to the client.
4. Villa Karpacz reserves the right to cancel a reservation without giving a reason within 24 hours of making it. In the event of cancellation, the customer will receive a refund of all funds deposited.

§ 6 
Customer stay procedure

1. Stay in a room or apartment starts from 15.00 on the first day of the booked date. The Customer is obliged to collect the Room or Apartment from the employee from the service at the time set by the Parties no later than by 22:00, checking its technical condition and cleanliness. Arrivals at night after 22:00 may be subject to an additional fee of PLN 100. 
2. To secure any claims for damages, Villa Karpacz has the right to collect a deposit from the Client in the case of renting an Apartment-type premises, the amount of the possible deposit is specified each time in the reservation system available on the Villa Karpacz website, and in the case of making a reservation by phone, transmitted by phone. The deposit is interest-free and refunded by bank transfer to the customer's bank account number up to 3 days after the date of his check-out.
3. The stay ends at 11.00 on the last day of the booked date. Until 11.00 The customer is obliged to hand over the keys from the Apartment to the owner, or to leave them in the place agreed with the owner.
4. The customer is obliged to observe the curfew, safety rules and fire protection of the facility. From 22:00 to 06:00, any behavior disrupting the residents' leisure is prohibited.
5. The Customer undertakes to operate the Room or Apartment for its intended purpose, not to remove any equipment and decorations from the Apartment, as well as undertakes not to copy the keys to the Apartment given to him during the stay.
6. Smoking is not allowed in rooms or apartments. A customer who does not comply with this prohibition will be charged a fee of PLN 500.
7. The Customer is always obliged to secure the Room or Apartment in the event of leaving it, closing the windows and the entrance door with a key and have careful care over the key.
8.The Customer undertakes to ensure that the number of people staying with him in the Room or Apartment does not exceed that specified in the booking.
9. The Customer undertakes not to keep animals in the Room or Apartment, unless otherwise agreed with Villa Karpacz or the booking office.
10. The client and persons accompanying him are obliged to allow a representative of Villa Karpacz to temporarily check-in in a Room or Apartment.
11. Villa Karpacz is not responsible for any inconvenience caused during the stay of Guests related to: construction or finishing works that can be carried out on the premises of the facility in which the room or apartment is located and around it, interruption for reasons beyond the control of the media supply (including electricity, water, co), noise emissions from neighboring properties. 
12. In the event of a breach of the rules set out in this paragraph, Villa Karpacz has the right to deduct the Client from any deposit due remuneration for the stay of an undeclared person, the costs of bringing the Room or Apartment to its original or sound condition, as well as other damages. If the value of the above claims exceeds the value of the deposit, the Customer is obliged to immediately cover this difference.
13. In the event of an exceptionally gross or hooligan violation of the rules set out in this paragraph, Villa Karpacz has the right to terminate the contract with immediate effect and remove the Customer and his accompanying persons from the room or apartment.
14. During the stay in a Room or Apartment, the Customer has the right to submit all comments and requests to the phone number and email address appearing on the website of Villa Karpacz.

§ 7 
Contact informations

1. Villa Karpacz uses the following contact details:
- phone number: +48 790 511 811
- website address:
- e-mail address:
2. The owner of the website is P.H.U Marzena Sałek, The Owner also has property rights to this website.

§ 8 
Withdrawal from the contract

1. On the basis of Art. 38 point 12 of the Act on Consumer Rights, the Customer is not entitled to withdraw from the contract concluded with Villa Karpacz.


§ 9 

1. The customer has the right to exercise the right to complain about the service and assert claims in this respect, in accordance with applicable law.
2. A condition for considering a complaint is submitting it to the company's headquarters in writing. 
3. Complaints will be considered within 30 days of their receipt. Information about the effect of considering the complaint will be sent to the Customer to the e-mail address, postal address or telephone number he indicates.

§ 10 
Privacy policy

1. The administrator of your personal data is P.H.U Marzena Sałek with headquarters in Karpacz, ul. M.Skłodowskiej-Curie 9A (hereinafter Administrator). In matters related to the protection of personal data, the Administrator can be contacted via the address or by calling 790 511 811. 
2. Your personal data is processed for the purpose: 
-conclusion and performance of the contract for the provision of electronic services in accordance with the Regulations, including the consideration of any complaints, in the event of additional consent - also in order to send you marketing content, containing in particular information about information about promotions, services, contests, events and for analytical and statistical needs related to sending this content. 
The legal basis for processing your personal data is:
the necessity of their processing in order to conclude and perform a contract for the provision of electronic services (art.6 par.1 lit.b RODO),
- the legitimate interest of the Administrator, consisting in handling your correspondence and implementing marketing activities (6 paragraph 1 letter f of the GDPR).
3. Your personal data is stored for the duration of your use of these services. After discontinuing the use of services, personal data in the scope of: name, surname, e-mail address will be stored for a period of 3 years for the purposes of examining complaints and claims related to the use of these services.
4. If you request to stop sending marketing content, your personal data will be stored for a period of three years from receipt of this request. Then your data will be stored only to defend against any claims related to this shipment.
5. You have the right to:
-request access to your personal data, rectification, deletion or limitation of processing, as well as the right to transfer data, 
-object at any time to the processing of your personal data for the purposes of marketing activities, 
-lodging a complaint to the supervisory body, i.e. the President of the Office for Personal Data Protection. 
6. Providing personal data is voluntary, however, it is a condition for concluding a contract for the provision of electronic services. The consequence of not providing personal data is the Administrator's inability to provide services. 
7. Your personal data will not be used to make automated decisions, including profiling.
8. Access to your personal data will be provided by the Administrator's staff and entities providing services to the Administrator who must have access to the data to perform their duties.